Compiled From Jan 95 - Aug 96
by Hans Klassen, Richard Chubey, Colleen Chubey, Rick Hay




1982 - The MHGA received verbal acceptance for membership into the MSF.
- Some of the first MHGA competitions were organized.

1983 - Skyting was started in the MHGA in the Spring of 1983.
- Rod Regier started the “Prairie Wind Flight School”.
- The first Manitoba cross-country flight was accomplished by Richard Boschel.
- The first Manitoba pilots to ever fly in the Nationals were Blake Todd and Graham Todd; 1983 Nationals at Mont. St. Pierre, PQ.

1984 - The Sanford Tow Site was founded.
- The first Instructor Certification clinic was held in August, 1984.
- The first ‘trans-provincial” flight (85 miles) by a Manitoba pilot was recorded by Richard Chubey on August 18th.
- The longest foot-launch flight (53 miles) in Manitoba was accomplished by Hans Klassen on September 29th.

1985 - All towing equipment and policies became the responsibility of the MHGA.

1986 - The first Parachute Repacking Clinic was organized by Mike Gaskin and held on March 21st, 1986.
- The longest tow flight in Manitoba was made by Rod Regier... 100 miles!
- In the fall of 1986, the ownership of Prairie Wind Flight School changed hands...the school was sold by Rod Regier to Douglas Beckingham.

1987 - On September 11th and 12th, Greg DeWolfe instructed the first ATOL Towing Clinic.

1988 - The MHGA started to provide volunteers to work MSF/Manitoba Lotteries Commission Bingos to raise funds for the Association.
- A new truck and the new ATOL system was purchased by the MHGA.
- On September 3, Blake Todd set a distance record for a Manitoba pilot...
110 miles in 5 hours.

1989 - In the spring, the MHGA acquired the DREAM 220 Tandem Glider.

1990 - On July 31st, Prairie Wind Flight School was sold by Douglas Beckingham to Barry Morwick.
- The MHGA gained it’s first paragliding pilot; John Young.

1991 - The first Pilot Rating study sessions for those preparing for their Hang II to Hang IV exams were held by Gerry Dorge.

1992 - In May the MHGA brought Mr. Michael Robertson (HGAC Senior Instructor) to town to present : Hang Gliding skills seminars and an Instruction Certification course.

1993 - In May, Prairie Wind Flight School purchases a trailer-type winch, the first of it’s kind in Manitoba, built by Nes Shumka.

1994 - The MHGA Policy & Procedure Manual was approved by the Executive Committee on March 23, and was adopted by the MHGA at the Annual General Meeting on April 4.

1995 - A Newsletter Committee is formed to ensure our Newsletter was issued on a regular basis.
- GW Meadows is brought in to Winnipeg to share his wealth of knowledge with Manitoba pilots.
- Mark Tulloch comes to Winnipeg to give an Instructor Certification clinic.

NOTE: This summary is a condensed version of the MHGA full length history document.