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Compiled From Jan 95 - Aug 96
by Hans Klassen, Richard Chubey, Colleen Chubey, Rick Hay

  • Hang gliding was introduced to Manitoba in June of 1978 by Mr. Pat Boychuk after arriving in Winnipeg from Thunderbay. He soon began organizing the sport in Manitoba and started the company “Wind Sport Hang Gliding”.

  • The first MHGA meeting was held on a truck tailgate in the LZ of Flegel’s. Many meetings would follow in these early years, most of which were held in member’s homes.
    - The first Manitoba Hang Gliding Association executive committee was formed in 1979.

  • The first towing winch in Manitoba was purchased by a group of pilots.
  • The first cross-country flight out of the Qu’Appelle Valley by a Manitoba pilot was made on April 8, 1981 by Graham Todd.
  • One of the first newsletters was printed in August, 1981.

1982 - The MHGA received verbal acceptance for membership into the MSF.
- Some of the first MHGA competitions were organized.

1983 - Skyting was started in the MHGA in the Spring of 1983.
- Rod Regier started the “Prairie Wind Flight School”.
- The first Manitoba cross-country flight was accomplished by Richard Boschel.
- The first Manitoba pilots to ever fly in the Nationals were Blake Todd and Graham Todd; 1983 Nationals at Mont. St. Pierre, PQ.

1984 - The Sanford Tow Site was founded.
- The first Instructor Certification clinic was held in August, 1984.
- The first ‘trans-provincial” flight (85 miles) by a Manitoba pilot was recorded by Richard Chubey on August 18th.
- The longest foot-launch flight (53 miles) in Manitoba was accomplished by Hans Klassen on September 29th.

1985 - All towing equipment and policies became the responsibility of the MHGA.

1986 - The first Parachute Repacking Clinic was organized by Mike Gaskin and held on March 21st, 1986.
- The longest tow flight in Manitoba was made by Rod Regier... 100 miles!
- In the fall of 1986, the ownership of Prairie Wind Flight School changed hands...the school was sold by Rod Regier to Douglas Beckingham.

1987 - On September 11th and 12th, Greg DeWolfe instructed the first ATOL Towing Clinic.

1988 - The MHGA started to provide volunteers to work MSF/Manitoba Lotteries Commission Bingos to raise funds for the Association.
- A new truck and the new ATOL system was purchased by the MHGA.
- On September 3, Blake Todd set a distance record for a Manitoba pilot...
110 miles in 5 hours.

1989 - In the spring, the MHGA acquired the DREAM 220 Tandem Glider.

1990 - On July 31st, Prairie Wind Flight School was sold by Douglas Beckingham to Barry Morwick.
- The MHGA gained it’s first paragliding pilot; John Young.

1991 - The first Pilot Rating study sessions for those preparing for their Hang II to Hang IV exams were held by Gerry Dorge.

1992 - In May the MHGA brought Mr. Michael Robertson (HGAC Senior Instructor) to town to present : Hang Gliding skills seminars and an Instruction Certification course.

1993 - In May, Prairie Wind Flight School purchases a trailer-type winch, the first of it’s kind in Manitoba, built by Nes Shumka.

1994 - The MHGA Policy & Procedure Manual was approved by the Executive Committee on March 23, and was adopted by the MHGA at the Annual General Meeting on April 4.

1995 - A Newsletter Committee is formed to ensure our Newsletter was issued on a regular basis.
- GW Meadows is brought in to Winnipeg to share his wealth of knowledge with Manitoba pilots.
- Mark Tulloch comes to Winnipeg to give an Instructor Certification clinic.

NOTE: This summary is a condensed version of the MHGA full length history document.

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