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Related Links

Here are some links that are related to hang gliding and the MHGA.

The Hang Gliding Paragliding Association of Canada (l'Association Canadienne de Vol Libre) is a Canadian non-profit corporation created to represent and support the sports of hang gliding and paragliding in Canada. Our vision, mission and goals guide our activities.

The MHGA is a member organization of Sport Manitoba which is the lead planning, programming and funding agency for the development of amateur sport in Manitoba. The primary focus of Sport Manitoba is on the development of athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers. For more information, visit the Sport Manitoba web site.

"The purpose of the United States Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association is to promote the growth of sport flying in foot-launchable soaring aircraft."

The OzReport...
A near-daily, world wide hang gliding news ezine, with reports on competitions, pilot rankings, political issues, fly-ins, the latest technology, ultralight sailplanes, reader feedback and anything else from within the global HG community worthy of coverage.


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