MHGA Minutes for October 6, 2003

In Attendance:

Gerry Lacroix, Martin Paskewitz, Bruce Switzer, Jean-René Nicolet, Brenda Kolson, Gerry Grossnegger, John Rempel, Barry Morwick, Gilles Normandeau

Convened: 7:55 PM

Qu'Appelle Valley: Bruce spoke to Rick Chubey who, along with Doug Beckingham, will speak to Sakame Band members and other land owners in November.  Rick and Doug are also asking if the club would be willing to fund the costs for land usage, although they will be negotiating for zero costs.  The Sakame Band stipulates that only HPAC pilots with third-party liability insurance will be alowed to fly on their land.
    Motion: That we wait for results of negotiations before before we decide on any funding for land usage at the Qu'Appelle Valley.    Carried

Platform winch:  Suspension repairs have been completed.  We still require a new adjusting knob for regulating tow pressure.  We would still require to install a manual rewind crank.  Discussion on upgrading/changing the current rewind system has been tabled.

Promotion: What is our role as a club? Who is our club for?  We should be ready to receive new pilots from schools and support all pilots in their development through seminars, clinics, etc...

HPAC: They have tabled the idea of merging Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Use of club winches: Any pilot using club equipment must be a HPAC/MHGA member with third party liability insurance.  Also, pilots must be paid up on their tow fees.

Fee Schedules: Will need to be reviewed as well as collecting of outstanding fees.

Bingo:  Reminder that the bingo will be at 9:00 PM on November 10, 2003 at the McPhilips Street Station.

New Business:  New tow bridles.  Bruce Switzer will be ordering new bridles from for $100 CDN each.

Adjourned: 10:00 PM

Next meeting will be November 3rd, 2003 in Rom 229 at the Sports Federation on Main Street.